Rolling World Premieres

NNPN’s flagship initiative, the Rolling World Premiere (RWP) program, is shifting the new play paradigm of the one-and-done premiere to a diversified, traveling, multi-production premiere. The RWP program models a process for developing and producing new plays – one that results in stronger work overall and the momentum needed for a play to join the repertoire of frequently produced new American works.

Each RWP supports three or more theaters that choose to mount the same new play within a 12-month period, allowing the playwright to develop a new work with multiple creative teams in multiple communities. The playwright is part of the process, working on the script and making adjustments based on what is learned from each production.

NNPN has championed the RWPs of 90 new plays with over one million dollars in financial support. RWP alumni plays have received hundreds of subsequent productions and citations in markets across the world, been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, won Steinberg/ATCA, Stavis, PEN and Blackburn awards, and adapted into feature films.

Eligible RWP scripts are pitched and circulated within the Membership to attract additional partner theaters. RWP collaborations are put together through active matchmaking by Member Theaters, NNPN staff, and through NNPN programs that serve as pipelines for productions, such as the NNPN Annual Commission and Smith Prize commission, MFA Playwrights’ Workshop, Collaboration Fund, and National Showcase of New Plays.

Current Rolling World Premieres

Completed Rolling World Premieres