In 2011, NNPN established its Producers-in-Residence program to support season-long residencies at NNPN Core Member theaters for those who wish dedicate their careers (or the next phase of their careers) to the creation and production of new work. Selected producers are given a home within a professional theater in which they can supplement their skills, increase their knowledge of the day to day operations of a company focused on new work, and be introduced as theater-makers to a community.

The program aims to revolutionize the way theaters support new plays by educating new leaders about collaboration, training early-career producers about successful models, and providing connections to alternative networks. NNPN provides stipends of up to $15,000 to the Resident through a hosting NNPN Core Member theater, and the theater may also receive funding for overhead expenses.  

Residents are chosen from proposals prepared with and submitted by Core Members. Proposals must include a plan for the programs and projects that the theater and the resident will work on during their time together, expectations regarding hours and duties, and the details of any additional fees, salary, or benefits that the host theater will offer above the stipend. Our applicant pool generally includes recent graduates of Arts Administration MFA programs and others wishing to begin or refocus their careers as management leaders in not for profit theaters.

Current Producers

Alumni Producers