New Play Exchange®

The world’s largest and smartest database of new plays is flipping the script on the way new plays get shared and discovered.

NNPN is always working on the “next big thing” for the American theater’s new play field. And the next “next big thing” is here! The Network is delighted to introduce the New Play Exchange®: a cloud-based script database, enhanced with a robust search-and-filter mechanism, crowd-sourced recommendations of plays, and personal script and coverage information storage, plus the connectivity of a social networking site.

The NPX lets writers share scripts and helps theaters discover and evaluate them in a more streamlined, targeted way than ever before. It’s a neutral platform built for the common good of the entire new play sector—writers, producers, and everyone in between who enjoys new work—and its goal is ambitious: to revolutionize the way playwrights, theater-makers, and theaters connect field-wide. The New Play Exchange® is the result of several years’ worth of conversations across the country with playwrights, literary managers, dramaturgs, agents, artistic directors, academics, and other potential users. The National New Play Network, Chicago Dramatists, Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, the Playwrights’ Center, and the Playwrights Foundation worked together to research and develop the product, talking with people from all over the nation to ensure that different user bases have been represented throughout the process.

And now you too can join in the revolution. Go to to see how NNPN is flipping the script on how new plays get shared and discovered.