Ambassadors Council

NNPN’s Ambassadors Council is comprised of artists and patrons that champion NNPN and its programs across the country, forging for the Network a national community of committed new play-makers and supporters.

Members of the Ambassadors Council advise the Network on issues relating to their area of expertise, advocate on behalf of the Network in their home communities, educate other new play colleagues and aficionados about NNPN programming, and support their home theater’s participation in NNPN programs and events. Each NNPN Core Member theater nominates one local donor and one local artist to the Council and keeps those two seats filled. The Network, as a body, also nominates At Large Ambassadors.

Artist Ambassadors

Evan Bergman, New Jersey Repertory Company
John Biguenet, Southern Rep Theatre
Enrique Bravo, Perseverance Theatre
Eric Coble, Cleveland Public Theatre
Walter Coppage, Unicorn Theatre
Dennis Delamar, Actor's Theatre of Charlotte
Jennifer Fawcett, Riverside Theatre
Thomas Gibbons, InterAct Theatre Company
Andra Harbold, Salt Lake Acting Company
Martha Jacobs, Phoenix Theatre
Celise Kalke, Horizon Theatre Company
Aditi Brennan Kapil, Mixed Blood Theatre
York Kennedy, Magic Theatre
Robert Koon, 16th Street Theater
Maya Malan-González, Milagro
Mike Marinaccio, Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, Marin Theatre Company
Jenny O'Hara, Fountain Theatre
Beau O’Reilly, Prop Thtr
Joe Rodota, B Street Theatre
Bruce Sevy, Curious Theatre Company
Eric Shimelonis, Contemporary American Theater Festival
Herbert Siguenza, San Deigo REPertory Theatre
Kate Snodgrass, New Repertory Theatre
Mark St. Germain, Florida Studio Theatre
Eva Zorille Tessler, Borderlands Theater

Patron Ambassadors

Susan Albritton, Kitchen Dog Theater
Susan Arkin, Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Lillian Sober Ain, New Repertory Theatre
Frank M. Basile, Phoenix Theatre
Terry Cramer, Perseverance Theatre
Ron David, Borderlands Theater
Kipp Delbyck, Marin Theatre Company
Greg Frankenfield, Mixed Blood Theatre
Rick Frey, B Street Theatre
Bernard Jaffe, Southern Rep Theatre
Karen Kondazian, Fountain Theatre
Vasi Laurence, New Jersey Repertory Company
Jessica Linden, Actor's Express
Keryl McCord, Horizon Theatre Company
Pete Miller, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
Dawn Moore, San Diego REPertory Theatre
Clayton Owens, Actor's Theatre of Charlotte
Brian Saliman, Magic Theatre
RB Seem, Contemporary American Theater Festival
Jeremy Shamos, Curious Theatre Company
Charna Sherman, Cleveland Public Theatre
Gayle Smith, InterAct Theatre Company
Terence Stephens, Salt Lake Acting Company
Encarnacion Teruel, Prop Thtr
Jennifer Whitmore, Riverside Theatre
Shari Wilson, Unicorn Theatre

At Large Ambassadors

Meghan Beals, Dramaturg
Beth Blickers, APA
Mark Bly, The Acting Company/Fordham University
Gigi Bolt, Columbia School of the Arts
Bostin Christopher, Virginia Commonwealth University
Ron Clark, Co-Founder, Riverside Theatre
Mario Correa, Screenwriter
Francisca Da Silveira, Playwright/Dramaturg, University of Edinburgh
Steven Dietz, Playwright
Michael Dixon, Director & Dramaturg
Carol Dweck, Stanford University
Peter Emch, The Emch Foundation/Autism After 16
Liz Engelman, University of Texas-Austin/Tofte Lake Center
Pat Flick, Shakespeare Theatre Association
Bryan Fonseca, Artistic Director, River West Theatre Company
David H. Friedlander, Entertainment and Intellectual Property Attorney
Barclay Goldsmith, Founder, Borderlands Theater
Gary Heisserer, Graceland University
Gregg Henry, Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival
Donna Hoke, Road Less Travelled Productions
Jody Hovland, Co-Founder, Riverside Theatre
Morgan Jenness, In This Distracted Globe
Dr. Ram Koppaka, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Kate Langsdorf, Comedy Writer
Jessica Litman, University of Michigan Law School
Amy Rose Marsh, Samuel French
Ricky J. Martinez, Director & Playwright
Annaliese McSweeney, Literary Manager, Stage Left Theatre
Kelly Miller, Paradigm Agency/The Kilroys
Anne Morgan, American Shakespeare Center
Kittson O'Neill, Philadelphia Theater Maker
Bruce Ostler, Bret Adams, Ltd.
Paul Prokop, Producer
Olga Sanchez, Artistic Director Emerita, Milagro
Jordan Schwartz, Associate Producing Director, River West Theatre Company
Sandy Shinner, Shattered Globe Theatre/DePaul University
Dan Shoemaker, Emeritus Executive Director, Actor's Theatre of Charlotte
Timothy Jay Smith, Founder, the NNPN Smith Prize for Political Theatre
Zev Valancy, Dramaturg
Paula Vogel, Playwright
Amanda White Thietje, DalekoArts
Richard Winkler, Red Hanger Productions
Joseph Zettelmaier, Roustabout Theatre Troupe
Judy Zocchi, Good to Go Festival