Affiliated Artists

NNPN Affiliated Artists are alumni one of several NNPN programs: Rolling World Premieres, National Showcase of New Plays, Annual Commission, Smith Prize, Producer in Residence, National Directors Fellowship, and some Collaboration Fund projects. Many Affiliated Artists are multi-hyphenate theater-makers, and the pages linked below for Playwrights, Directors, and Producers include links to the specific program(s) in which each Artist has participated. You’ll see some Affiliated Artists on multiple pages, too.

All of NNPN’s programs are run through its Member Theaters, which means that we get to know new artists when they are part of a proposal for our Annual Commission or a Collaboration Fund project, when they are nominated to submit to the Smith Prize, or when their script is nominated for NNPN’s annual Showcase of New Plays. The best way for an individual artist to get to know NNPN is by seeing who of our Member Theaters with whom you may already have (or desire to have!) a relationship and reach out to them about submitting your work to an NNPN Program.