National New Play Network and its member theaters, affiliated artists, and audiences are deeply grateful for the support of the following patrons of new work. NNPN’s worldwide impact would not be possible without these generous donors.

Won’t you join them? You can be a part of supporting the creation of new plays and the theater-makers of our time through the programs of NNPN.


Mark Bly

Carol Dweck

Peter Emch

David Goldman

Jane and J.B. Harrison

Gary Heisserer

Ram Kopoka

Dawn Moore

Paul Prokop

Share Fund

Timothy Jay Smith

Manny Strauss

Donna O. Willis



Martha Blaxall

George Brant

Barbara Bush

Maria Candamil

David Cieslikowski

Maxine Cohen

Kathleen Corey

Elizabeth Corwin

Pat Doran

Mary Duncan

Bryan Fonseca

Thomas Gibbons

Jean Gilson

Gale Gottlieb

Harold Harkins

Malo Harrison

Darla Henning

Judith Holding-Barker

James Hone

Michael Honneger

Jody Hovland

Lana Hurdle

Karen Kearns

Jessica Linden

Jessica Litman

Nancy Martin

Thomas Martin

Robin Meyers

Katherine Millard

Arlene Mitchell

Anne Morton

Izaak Orlansky

Jane Paradise

Ivan Poutiatine

Lia Romeo

Henry Sanchez-Resnik

Jeremy Shamos

Dan Shoemaker

Gayle Smith

Lilian Sober Ain

Mary Staples

Hugh Vincent

John Webb and Nelson Mondaca

Sara Rynes Weller

Wendy White

Richard Winkler